Diversity at Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

At Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, we value a diverse workforce to ensure different perspectives and ideas are considered and integrated into our operations. Ensuring that we are always recruiting, retaining, and promoting a diverse mix of colleagues that represents the diversity in our local communities gives us access to a broad range of ideas and perspectives. This allows us to be a better company and to provide products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. See below for additional information.

Gender and Racial Diversity at a Glance

At a glance, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust possesses strong gender diversity in its workforce. This pie chart illustrates that 70% of employees are white females, 25% are white males, 2% are non-white females, and 3% are non-white males. This chart does not include the 3% of employees who did not disclose their ethnicity.

Gender Representation in Leadership

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust values gender representation in its leadership team. This pie chart shows that 65% of the leadership team is female, while 35% is male.

Racial Diversity Compared to Footprint 

Compared to the footprint population, the Bar Harbor Bank & Trust’s employees have a similar diversity. This bar chart illustrates that 4.10% of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust employees are non-white, while 6.10% of the entire footprint population is non-white.

Detailed Racial Diversity Information

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust employees possess a similar representation of races and ethnicities when compared to the footprint population. This bar chart shows that 1% of employees are Black or African American and 2% of the footprint population is Black or African American. 1% of employees are Hispanic or Latino and 1% of the footprint population is Hispanic or Latino. 1% of employees are two or more races and 5% of the footprint population is two or more races. 94% of employees are White and 93% of the footprint population is white. 0% of both employees and the footprint population are American Indian/Alaskan Nation or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. 0% of employees are Asian and 2% of the footprint population is Asian.

The statistics listed above are based on a survey of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust employees as well as data from www.census.gov. 2.63% of employees chose to no self-identify their race.