Our Bar Harbor Wealth Management Team

Bar Harbor Wealth Management is uniquely sized to provide the best of all worlds. We are large enough to have the depth of knowledge and experience our clients' require but small enough to provide the personal experience our clients want. Our team of investment, tax, and planning experts takes the time to get to know our clients, their financial situation, and their aspirations. We will work with you to create a personalized plan to drive results and meet your goals.

Contact us if you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation. If you want to connect directly with a specific member of the team, please reference the list below.

“Our team of Wealth Management experts leverages their financial knowledge and experience to craft solutions that will meet your needs today and in the future.”

Team Members by Expertise

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Wealth Services

Maureen Kimball

Maureen Kimball, CTFA

SVP, Senior Wealth Manager
E: mkimball@barharbor.bank
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Joe Pratt

Joseph M. Pratt

SVP, Senior Wealth Manager
E: jpratt@barharbor.bank

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Kimberly DeSchuiteneer

Kimberly J. DeSchuiteneer, AIF®, CRSP

SVP, Retirement Plan Coordinator
E: kdeschuiteneer@barharbor.bank
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Melanie Bowden

Melanie J. Bowden

VP, Senior Wealth Manager
E: mjbowden@barharbor.bank
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Ruth Dunbar

Ruth K. Dunbar, CTFA

VP, Senior Wealth Manager
E: rdunbar@barharbor.bank
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Lynne Ford

Lynne MJ Ford, CFTA

VP, Senior Wealth Manager
E: lford@barharbor.bank
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Halie Alosky

Halie A. Alosky

VP, Wealth Manager
E: halosky@barharbor.bank
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James Cox

James F. Cox, Esq.

VP, Wealth Manager
E: jcox@barharbor.bank

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Robert Freese

Robert C. Freese, CFP®

VP, Wealth Manager
E: rfreese@barharbor.bank
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Nancy Silva

Nancy A. Silva, FPQP®

VP, Wealth Manager
E: nsilva@barharbor.bank
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Amy Tardiff

Amy C. Tardiff, CTFA

VP, Wealth Manager
E: atardiff@barharbor.bank
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Shannon Parker

Shannon M. Parker

AVP, Associate Wealth Manager
E: sparker@barharbor.bank
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Diane Horvath

Diane C. Horvath

Senior Wealth Administrator
E: dhorvath@barharbor.bank

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Danielle Lindsey-Mercier

Danielle M. Lindsey-Mercier

Senior Wealth Administrator
E: dlindsey-mercier@barharbor.bank

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Kristin Lyden

Kristin L. Lyden

Senior Wealth Administrator
E: klyden@barharbor.bank

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Beverly Veilleux

Beverly L. Veilleux

Senior Wealth Administrator
E: bveilleux@barharbor.bank
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Laura Ballam

Laura Ballam

Wealth Administrator
E: lballam@barharbor.bank
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Schylar Jewell

Schylar R. Jewell

Wealth Administrator
E: sjewell@barharbor.bank

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Lynn Morin

Lynn A. Morin

Wealth Administrator
E: lmorin@barharbor.bank
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Gwen King

Gwendolyn A. King

Associate Wealth Administrator
E: gking@barharbor.bank

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Investment Services

Donald Bisson

Donald M. Bisson, CFA

SVP, Senior Portfolio Manager/Investment Strategist
E: dbisson@barharbor.bank
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Josh Radel

Joshua A. Radel, CFA

SVP, Senior Portfolio Manager - Investment Committee Chair
E: jradel@barharbor.bank

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John Testa

John E. Testa, CFA

SVP, Senior Portfolio Manager/Analyst
E: jtesta@barharbor.bank
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Bryan Sanford

Bryan W. Sanford, CSRIC™

SVP, Senior Portfolio Manager - Investment Administration Coordinator
E: bsanford@barharbor.bank
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Janna Michael

Janna Michael

VP, Portfolio Manager/Fixed Income Trader
E: jmichael@barharbor.bank

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Michelle White

Michelle L. White, AIF®, ChFC®, CLU®

VP, Portfolio Manager
E: mwhite@barharbor.bank
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Sue Kenney

Susan L. Kenney

AVP, Senior Investment Administrator
E: skenney@barharbor.bank
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Tax Services

Krista McCarthy

Krista A. McCarthy

VP, Tax Officer
E: kmccarthy@barharbor.bank

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Lara Horner

Lara K. Horner

SVP, Director of Trust Operations
E: lhorner@barharbor.bank
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Alain Boudreau

Alain R. Boudreau

AVP, Trust Operations Manager
E: aboudreau@barharbor.bank

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Jane Lamb

Jane Lamb

Executive Administrative Assistant
E: jlamb@barharbor.bank

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Katy Bryer

Katy A. Bryer

Trust Operations Specialist
E: kbryer@barharbor.bank

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Arleen Gosselin

Arleen Gosselin

Trust Operations Specialist
E: agosselin@barharbor.bank
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Melissa Hinckley

Melissa S. Hinckley

Trust Operations Specialist
E: mhinckley@barharbor.bank

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Hannah Witmer

Hannah N. Witmer

Trust Operations – Tax Specialist
E: hwitmer@barharbor.bank
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