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How We Protect You

You work hard for your money and, when you bank with us, you trust us to keep it safe. We take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we use a variety of sophisticated technology tools as well as proven security processes to keep your information safe. Examples include:

  • Industry-leading cybersecurity tools, practices, and technology
  • Two-factor authentication to protect your accounts
  • Suspicious activity monitoring to detect and prevent fraud

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How You Can Protect Your Personal Information

It’s important that you take precautions to safeguard your personal information and protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. Knowledge is a powerful defense against fraud. Click on the links below to educate yourself on the common scams and online threats fraudsters use to steal your private, personal information.

Fraud Protection

Is your card lost or stolen? Are you receiving unsolicited calls, texts, and emails that you are unsure about? Learn about the steps you should take to protect your information from fraudsters.

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Bar Harbor Card Control

Control your debit card on the go. Monitor your card usage, turn your card on or off, and so much more!

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