Community Giving

For over 130 years, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust has contributed to the economic health and vitality of the communities we serve. We are proud that our employees are involved in the communities in which we live and work. Each year, Bar Harbor Bank & Trust employees volunteer countless hours of their time on community projects and serve on nonprofit boards. In addition to these efforts we provided charitable donations to over 450 community organizations across the northern New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont within the footprint of our 53 branches.

Our Charitable Mission

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust’s charitable mission is to improve the economic prosperity and health of our communities through our commitment to impactful philanthropy and volunteer service engagement.

As a true community bank, we recognize the importance of partnering with nonprofit organizations so our collective effort enhances local projects and programs to achieve maximum impact. We understand that nonprofits provide crucial services for those in need and that they require a broad base of support from individuals, corporations, civic organizations, and foundations. We believe that we can make the most impact through numerous smaller gifts rather than a few large ones.

Regions Served

Our volunteer services and charitable donations primarily benefit programs and services for those who reside in the regions outlined below.

  • MAINE: Hancock, Kennebec, Knox, Penobscot, Sagadahoc, Somerset, Washington
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE: Grafton, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Sullivan
  • VERMONT: Orange, Rutland, Windsor

What We Support

Nonprofits should propose support that will benefit a distinctive project or initiative, rather than support for general operations. Requests should be clearly defined, stating how support will make measurable positive impact. The amount requested should be within the scope of the project or the number of people who will benefit.

Our approach to community giving favors proposals that:

  • Advance economic growth and community vitality
  • Establish measurable goals which are based on sustainable collaborations
  • Focus on education and workforce development initiatives
  • Support families at risk with a strategy linked to a path of self-sufficiency

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust will not fund nonprofits that discriminate on the basis of: age, race, sex, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. We do not generally provide financial support for:

  • Activities with limited access for the general public
  • Annual appeals
  • Endowments
  • Government agencies
  • Individual/adult teams and associations
  • Lobbying groups
  • Private foundations
  • Political activities
  • Religious and labor organizations
  • Third-party solicitations
  • Underwriting for travel expenses
  • Programs operating outside our geographic service area

Nonprofits who have received a grant from Bar Harbor Bank & Trust are not eligible for additional support within the same year.

How to Apply

Bar Harbor Bank & Trust has a Common Proposal Form. You can access this on the webpage or contact your local branch to request a copy. We require a twelve week notice to review and approve requests.

Qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations may submit an application within our 2020 grant cycle, which is: February 14, May 15, August 14, and November 13. Grant decisions will be announced within eight weeks of the quarterly deadlines.

If we can assist in answering any questions, please reach out to us at or 888-853-7100 x10986.

Common Proposal Form